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Clamshell Packaging | Clamshell Sealers

Clamshell Sealers. Our "TF" series of clamshells are designed with friction fit channels around the exterior of the package. Should your packaging require a more tamper-resistant seal, a handheld clamshell sealer is available from our online store.

Ultrasonic Clam-Shell/Blister Pack Sealing Systems

Clam-shell sealing is a quality and cost effective form of packaging using ultrasonic welding plastic assembly.

VisiPak | Clamshell Sealers & Clamshell Sealing Options

Clamshell Sealing Options VisiPak clamshells utilize standard designs and materials that work with most sealing equipment available on the market. When evaluating your options, you will want to work with the supplier of your sealing equipment to discuss the size, material, and type of seal you want.

Clamshell & Blister Sealing, RF Sealing Services

Clamshell & Blister Sealing / RF Sealing Sealing blisters and clamshells provides your product with a visible, yet secure, package. SouthPack’s clamshell sealing, blister sealing, RF sealing and heat sealing services offer critical features, like theft deterrent and tamper evident attributes most preferred by retailers.

Clamshell Packaging - Thermoforming and RF Sealing

2-piece Clamshell – This is the same as a hinged clamshell above but without a hinge, which leaves a custom front and a custom back that get sealed together. There are benefits of this option in the assembly and sealing process.

Starview Blister & Clamshell Sealers | Professional

Starview Clamshell Sealers. Starview reliable clamshell sealing machines are designed to package plastic-to-plastic clamshells and other heat sealable lidstock. Priced to quickly reduce your packaging costs, this equipment is built to last and can be modified to serve your growing packaging needs.

Komplete Group | Clamshell Sealing

Clamshell Sealing Many products, promotional items or printed matter can be cost-effectively contained in a loose cello over wrapping—what we now call polypropylene—that both protects the contents and helps prevent pilferage.

Clamshell Sealers - Visual Packaging

The sealing cycle is started automatically when the seal tray reaches the end of its travel. At the end of the sealing cycle the operator withdraws the tool from between the

Clamshell Packaging and Plastic Clamshells - SouthPack

SouthPack offers clamshells and clamshell packaging solutions. We can also configure custom clamshell packaging in many ways. Clamshell Sealing Options. RF Seal;

Our Products - Blister Packaging & Clamshell Sealing Machines

Browse our affordable and maintenance free Blister Packaging & Clamshell Sealing machines. PowerPak has been the leader in packaging for over 50 years.

How to Seal Clamshells | sealers101

Do you have a clamshell which needs to securely sealed and unsure what type of sealer you need? Well, you've come to the right place. We have two sealers just for you!


Our Products - Blister Packaging & Clamshell Sealing Machines

Our Products Our Blister Packaging & Clamshell Sealing machines run quietly and economically; and are suited for a variety of jobs such as blister cards, clamshells, and many more. They can even be used as a press to cut plastic.

Clamshell Packaging and Plastic Clamshells - SouthPack

Clamshell Packaging Conveys “High End” Clamshells in general are regarded to be the package of choice when companies are trying to convey high quality. Clamshells are clean looking, durable, and the design capabilities are endless; they can be made out of various thermoformed materials, and if sealed, they provide great product security.

How to Seal Clamshells | sealers101

Our second unit is the KF-772DH Direct Heat clam shell sealer. KF-772DH is equipped with two heat settings and is ideal for sealing a variety of clamshell packages made of OPS, PSP, PVC, PET, and EPS.

About Us - Blister Packaging & Clamshell Sealing

Learn about how PowerPak Industries LLC got started and has been creating the best Blister Packaging & Clamshell Sealing machines Since 1949.

Starview Packaging Machinery | Clamshell - Blister Packaging

Starview clamshell packaging machine series and RF Welding Equipment. Learn about clamshell blister sealers, card feeder, face seal and bar sealing equipment.

Clamshell Sealing/Welding and Blister Sealing - YouTube

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Sonitek Clamshell Sealers and Blister Sealers for clamshell welding and sealing.

Author: SonitekCorp

Clam Shell Sealers and Ultrasonic Sealers | Excel

The Clam Shell Sealer is equipped with two heated 3/8" wide and 10mm long serrated jaws. It has two temperature settings, 180 & 210 degree C (350 & 450 degree F). Ideal for sealing poly packing cases such as clam shell and other similar types of containers. Handles remain cool during operation. The sealer can be used in the voltage range of

VisiPak | Handheld Clamshell Sealer

Electrical Handheld Clamshell Sealer for low volume projects has two heat seatings and secures a clamshell in seconds.

Clamshell Sealers | Sonics & Materials, Inc.

Fast, clean and repeatable sealing of plastic clamshells in a single step process. Advanced systems offer an energy-saving, cost-effective, efficient

Clam Shell Sealers - We Tie It, Seal It, Lick It, and

Clam Shell sealing with either a constant heat source or an ultrasonic sealer.

Sealer Sales Portable Sealers

Different models of portable sealers available from Sealer Sales. CLAM SHELL: CLAM SHELL SEALER Ideal for sealing clam shell and similar types of containers.

Blister & Clamshell Sealing Machines, Blister & Clamshell

Pro Pac offers Starview blister and clamshell sealing machines, blister and clamshell materials, and contract blister packaging services. Our sister company, Qual Pac, offers contract packaging services in Grand Prairie, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Houston, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Stock Retail Plastic Clamshell Packaging - Placon

Stock Plastic Clamshells. The originator of the BlisterBox® line of re-closable hinged clamshell containers, Placon, a family-owned, US-based company has been leading the stock plastic clamshell packaging industry since 1966.

Komplete Group | Clamshell Sealing

If you have a large project, we can help you with getting it done in time. Logistically we have to be located close to you or close to the destination of your product.

Ultrasonic Sealing Equipment | Sonics & Materials, Inc.

Sonics manufactures a full line of ultrasonic sealing equipment and components for packaging applications such as tube sealing, pouch sealing,

Clamshell Sealer Gun, Hand Held Sealer 1/2 Inch x

Choose the Midwest Pacific Clamshell Sealer Gun for clamshell packaging. Free Shipping on this lightweight, handheld clamshell sealer from Packco Inc.

Clam Shell Sealers — Sealer Sales, Inc.

Our Clamshell sealers are ideal for sealing clamshells to prevent pilferage or product damage. We carry a direct heat (constant heat) and ultrasonic clam shell sealer for low to medium production volumes. Direct heat clam shell sealers

Schmid & Son - Blister & Clamshell Sealing

Blister & Clamshell Sealing . Schmid & Son will provide you with your blister and RF Clamshell sealing. In addition to the service of packaging your items, we can provide you the materials you need to complete your own products.

Clamshell Sealers | ZED Industries, Thermoforming Machines

Clamshell Sealers. 15-RS-P Rotary Clamshell Sealers. Comments are closed. Model Z-812-P Table Top Clamshell Sealer; Model 15-RS-LD Leak Detection Blister Sealer;

RF Sealing: Blister Sealing, and Clam Shell Packaging

Blister Sealing and Clamshell Sealing Packaging on Custom RF Welders and RF Sealing Production Equipment, Including Packaging Tools and Dies

Manual Clamshell Sealers - Technopack Corporation

Manual Clamshell Sealers. Cart is empty. Cart is empty. View cart. Checkout My Account. Induction Sealing: Manual Induction Sealers; Continuous Induction Sealers;

VisiPak | Clamshell Packaging Specifications and

VisiPak offers guidance on how to specify, pack and seal clamshell packages. Consult our experts for the right clamshell packaging for your needs.

Best Types of Clam Shell Sealers - ABC Office

Ultrasonic Clam Shell Sealer – If you’re concerned about safety, or you want to speed up packaging operations, you may want to consider an ultrasonic clam shell sealer.

Clam Shell Sealer | AIE-772 | Spot Sealer | Pack

AIE-772 Dual Heat Multipurpose Clam Shell Sealer. AIE Dual Heat Multipurpose Clam Shell Sealer has Constant heat - always ready. Excellent for sealing clam shell cases and spot sealing.

Portable Clam Shell Sealers - Doug Care Equipment

Seal clam shell containers shut tightly with ultrasonic welder or direct heat sealer.

Clamshell Packaging | Semi-Custom Clamshells

Semi-Custom Clamshells. This program allows you to create your own custom clamshell while only having to pay for the mold insert. Sealing Options. Need Graphic

Rotary Blister/Clamshell Sealing Machine - Stock

Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2015 . Needed a machine to seal my 50,000 clamshells fast. Took a chance, not having many options. Was amazed how easy this machine was to operate and what a great seal it created.

User rating: 5/5

Sealing Machine For Clamshell, Sealing Machine

Alibaba.com offers 622 sealing machine for clamshell products. About 7% of these are sealing machines, 1% are filling machines. A wide variety of sealing machine for clamshell options are available to you, such as food, chemical, and medical.

Blister Packaging Sealer, Clamshell Sealing Machine

Need a machine that will seal Blister Packaging to Blister Cards? Need a machine that will seal clamshells, plastic to plastic? All at an AFFORDABLE price? THIS IS

Clamshell Sealer | Packaging World

The Model PHS3-1418 entry-level, plastic-to-plastic clamshell and blister sealing machine is now available from Starview Machines. This model


What is Clamshell Packaging? - Andex

Andex is the leading supplier of clamshell packaging. From stock sizes to intricate custom designs Andex is your single source for quality, service, and price.

Blister Packaging Sealer, Clamshell Sealing Machine

Need a machine that will seal Blister Packaging to Blister Cards? Need a machine that will seal clamshells, plastic to plastic? All at an AFFORDABLE price? THIS IS

Clamshell Packaging - Custom Thermoformed

Plastic clamshell packaging is custom thermoformed and manufactured by Great Our sealing capabilities allow the clamshell containers to be either reclosable or

UV clamshell sealing | Packaging World

UV clamshell sealing PartnerPak (Huntington Beach, CA) has introduced the Simpl-Seal® UV sealing system for double blister and clamshell packages. The system applies a proprietary adhesive, Simpl-Sealant, to one half of the package via a dispensing system.

Clamshell Sealing Equipment - DPC Enterprises

Check out our plastic clamshell sealers. We have the best sealing equipment on the market.

Adjustable Clamshell Sealing - YouTube

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Sonitek provides Ultrasonic welding of various size plastic clamshells. Universal sealing tool/fixture from 1-1/2" up to 8" wide and 10" long. (Hang tab to hinge). Easy quick change features

Author: SonitekCorp

Sealing Clamshell, Sealing Clamshell Suppliers

Sealing Clamshell, Wholesale Various High Quality Sealing Clamshell Products from Global Sealing Clamshell Suppliers and Sealing

Handheld Clamshell Sealers - Stock Clamshells

Handheld Clamshell Sealers; Sort by: Ultrasonic Clamshell Sealer. $595.00. Add To Cart. New Products. Ultrasonic Clamshell Sealer. $595.00. Add To Cart.

Special Seals | Clamshell Seals | Gasket Seals | Air

CTS clamshell seals are designed to seal the outer diameter of a tube or pipe; our gasket seals are designed to seal radiators and similar equipment. Custom seals can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Clamshell Packaging – Custom Clamshells, Plastic & Stock

Impact-MFG.com offers a variety of options for clamshell packaging. For high-quality custom clamshells, including plastic and stock clamshells, visit us

Packaging Machines | ZED Industries,

Thermoformers Zed Industries thermoformers are the best in the business. Plastic, blister, clamshell and skin packer thermoforming machines. Blister Sealers

Portable Sealers | Clamshell Sealers | Crimp Salers

Heat Sealers → Portable Sealers. Portable Sealers. AIE 772 - Direct Heat Clam Shell Sealer. Regular Price: $95.00. On Sale For: $85.99. DPC-10 Clamshell Sealer.

Blister or Clamshell Sealing - PackagingQuote.com

PackagingQuote.com is ready to provide you with a turn-key quote and solution for your blister or clamshell sealing project within hours of your submission.


DPC100 multi point clam shell sealer by DPC Enterprises to close clam shells.

Packaging Adhesives - Dymax Corporation

UV Light Curable Packaging Adhesives for PET, RPET and PVC Clamshell Packaging. DYMAX UV curable adhesives for plastic packaging eliminate heat and RF sealing of clamshell packages . DYMAX UV packaging adhesives cure in seconds upon exposure to UV light and visible light to form structural bonds to PVC, PET, A-PET and RPET

Custom Plastic Clamshell Retail Packaging

Custom Plastic Clamshell Retail Packaging Manufacturer Custom Plastic Clamshell Retail Packaging Manufacturer there needs to be an area for secondary sealing,

Clam-Shell Sealer

No other sealing process is faster or as cost effective as Ultrasonics. Ultrasonic sealing provides Tamper Proof Protection, and meets all the sealing requirements from all the

Clamshell Sealing Equipment | Products &

Find Clamshell Sealing Equipment related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Clamshell Sealing Equipment

Retail Clamshell Solutions - CJK Thermoforming

The clamshell generally has a formed full This style of package generally requires a secondary seal method and lends itself very well to automated package

Clamshell Packaging - First Choice Packaging

First Choice Packaging, located in Fremont, Ohio, is a first-tier custom packaging solutions manufacturer that offers clamshell packaging.

Visual Packaging Group Manufacurer of Blister

Introduction to Visual Packaging Group Manufacurer of Blister Packaging, Clamshell Packaging, Skin Packaging, Die cutting, and thermoforming machinery

Used Clamshell Packaging Equipment

Used Partner Pak 15-1GM Simpl-Seal UV Clamshell Tunnel with: Application: sealing mechanism for clamshell packaging. Utilizes UV curable adhesive to the surface of the package then send through the UV heat

Blister pack - Wikipedia

Blister pack is a term for A blister that folds onto itself is often called a clamshell. A form-fill-seal process means that the blister pack is created from


Ultrasonic Package Sealing - Packaging Solutions -

There are several advantages to Dukane's ultrasonic package sealing including reduced cost and low maintenance; learn more about the benefits.

Stock Clamshell Packaging | Low Minimum

Manufacturer of plastic thermoformed clamshell packaging for various packaging applications. Click here to link to clamshell sealing options.

Stock & Custom Thermoformed Packaging

Custom Manufactured Thermoformed Packaging Products & Heat Sealing Machines.

Clamshell Seals | Cincinnati Test Systems

Cincinnati Test Systems is the leader in Standard and Custom Test Solutions. See us first for all your Clamshell Seals needs.


SBS 1000 Clamshell Sealing Machine: SBS-1000 is a dual purpose machine that can seal clamshells and blister packs with the change of a t $3,500.00:

Hand Held Heat Sealers - Homestead

M-Pak Systems for Hand Held Heat Sealers. Clam Shell Hand Sealers KF Series Hand Clamshell Sealer

Packaging Services | Blister Sealing - Minpack, Inc.

MINPACK offers Trapped Blister packaging for applications requiring the security of a sealed clamshell while minimizing the amount of plastic used.