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Crocodile cracking - Wikipedia


What to Do When You See Alligator Cracking in Asphalt

Keep your asphalt pavement protected and learn how to properly treat and prevent further alligator cracking in asphalt from asphalt paving contractors.

The Do’s and Don’t Of Repairing Alligator Cracking

Expert advice from Wolf Paving on the repair options for alligator cracking on an asphalt pavement surface.

Asphalt Pavement Distress Summary – Asphalt

Asphalt Pavement Distress Summary Contents Fatigue (Alligator) Cracking. Click image to view larger. cracking, raveling, or a

Alligator Cracking: How To Identify & Repair

Alligator cracking, also known as pavement fatigue or crocodile cracking, is a common issue for commercial asphalt because it is directly

Alligator (Fatigue) Cracking - Coastal Road Repair

"Alligator" cracking presents as interconnected cracks caused by fatigue failure of the asphalt surface in areas of heavy traffic loading. Typically caused by lack of strength or compaction of the base or of the subgrade, poor drainage may also be a factor.

Alligator Cracking - Asphalt Pavement Solutions

Alligator Cracking - Learn more about the services we offer! Call us at 1-800-559-Seal or fill out the form on our website.

What is alligator cracking? | LDC Paving

Alligator cracking could well be the most serious type of damage that your asphalt pavement suffers during the course of its life. The name was derived from the appearance of the damaged asphalt — a pattern of connected shapes that look a great deal like the scales on a reptile’s back.

Revised App B File by KMH - Caltrans

1) AC Pavement Cracks . a) Alligator Cracks . Alligator cracking is characterized by interconnected or interlaced cracks in the wheel path, forming a series of small polygons, (generally less than 1 foot on each side). The cracking resembles the appearance of alligator skin, thus the term alligator cracking.

13 Pavement Defects and Failures You Should

13 Pavement Defects and Failures You Should Know! Alligator Cracking. These are cracks in a flexible pavement overlay of a rigid pavement

Authors: Brett NealAffiliation: University of SouthamptonAbout: Crocodile cracking

5 Gallon Big A Alligator Asphalt Repair Patch For

It is very durable for filling alligator cracks 5 Gallon Big A Alligator Asphalt Repair Patch. Clean old pavement thoroughly removing all dirt,

Pavement Surface Condition Field Rating

Inspection Procedure and Guidelines 8-9 Rating Considerations 10-13 Flexible Pavement Distresses 14-63 1. Rutting and Wear 14-15 2. Alligator Cracking 16-19

Crocodile cracking - Wikipedia

Crocodile cracking Moderate to severe Fatigue cracking. Crocodile cracking, also called alligator cracking and perhaps misleadingly fatigue cracking, is a common type of distress in asphalt pavement.

Alligator (Fatigue) Cracking | Washington Asphalt Pavement

Alligator cracking near a parking lot drain. The cracking is likely due to water infiltrating pavement cracks and running down to the low point drain underneath the pavement, weakening and removing material from under the already-thin HMA layer.


ASPHALT PAVEMENT CRACK CLASSIFICATION: A COMPARISON OF GA, MLP, methods for automatically classifying pavement cracks, § Alligator cracks:

How to Repair Alligator Cracking on an Asphalt

Alligator Cracking/Fatigue Cracking in Pavement Alligator cracking, which is also called fatigue cracking, refers to the types of asphalt cracks that resemble a reptile’s scales or a spider web. With alligator cracking, interconnected cracks form in a pattern of small geometric shapes.

What is Pavement Failure? - Lone Star Paving

Alligator Cracking. Alligator cracking forms when the subgrade and asphalt base begins to compress from bearing heavy vehicles. Alligator cracking is commonly found at intersections where vehicles are stopped for a continuous amount of time. Initial cracks will form and spread through water intrusion and further asphalt base compression.

How to Treat Alligator Cracks | Aegis Asphalt Sealcoating

Due to flexibility in the pavement, changes in temperature and weight of vehicles, asphalt surfaces are prone to cracking at some point in their life cycle.

Fatigue Cracking | Pavement Interactive

This is commonly referred to as “bottom-up” or “classical” fatigue cracking. In thick pavements, Once the characteristic alligator pattern is apparent,

Appendix A Pavement Distress Types and

Appendix A Pavement Distress Types and Causes This Appendix provides descriptions of the types and causes of the distresses (alligator) cracking in asphalt pavement.1

7 Different Types of Pavement Failure | Types of Cracks

There are many types of asphalt failures and defects. Learn about the different types of cracks that can occur in asphalt pavement, the causes of pavement failure, and how to

Let’s Talk About Cracks! Info and FAQ About Pavement Crack

If pavement has alligator cracks, it will need to be completely reconstructed. Does sealcoat hide cracks and crack filler, making pavement look like new?

Fatigue Cracking Pavement: Who, What, When,

Fatigue Cracking Pavement: Who, What, When, Where, That’s why it’s often referred to as alligator cracking. Are All Fatigue Cracks Alligator Cracks?

Chapter 3 Pavement Patching and Repair

Chapter 3 Pavement Patching and Repair free of alligator cracks, pumping, pavements is a necessary investment made to protect the pavement from costly

Alligator Cracking & Severity | Alpha Paving

Alligator Cracking & Severity Once asphalt pavement has developed alligator cracks, the damage will typically continue to expand until the issue is remedied.



Alligator Cracking AC - Robert Peccia &

Alligator Cracking AC Description: 1 x 1 foot to 10 x 10 feet interconnected cracks that divide the pavement into approximately rectangular pieces.

What is alligator cracking? - Affordable Striping

What is alligator cracking? We are the affordable pavement maintenance solution! Call Affordable Striping & Sealing at 702-222-9009.


CHAPTER 3 CRACK SEALING & CRACK FILLING Caltrans Cracking in pavements occurs when a stress is built up in a Alligator cracking can be preceded by


3 o Alligator Cracking photography to record pavement images and subsequent crack detection and Identification Manual for the NPS Road Inventory Program,

Distress Identification Manual for The LTPP

Distress Identification Manual for The LTPP Chicken Wire/Alligator Pattern Cracking pavements and materials,Distress, LTPP, pavement, cracking,

Understanding asphalt pavement distresses – five

Understanding asphalt pavement distresses Fatigue cracking is sometimes called alligator cracking due to the interconnected cracks which resemble an alligatorï

P Pavement Surface Evaluation and

Pavement Surface Evaluation and RatingASER Alligator crack pattern. Tight cracks and one patch. Alligator cracking near pavement edge.

Alligator Cracking Pavement - Pavement Repair

Alligator (Fatigue) Cracking - Coastal Road Repair "Alligator" cracking presents as interconnected cracks caused by fatigue . Inherent to this condition are cracks in the pavement and in the underlying base.

What Is Alligator Cracking In Asphalt And What To

Asphalt pavements can deteriorate over time due to the laws of Mother Nature. The Repair Procedure of Alligator Cracking Temporary Repair.

3.5 Gallon Alligator Cracking Patch Kit For Sale |

When fixing alligator cracking which can also be known as spider cracks 3.5 Gallon Alligator Cracking Patch Kit. Clean old pavement thoroughly removing all

Top 10 Phoenix Asphalt Problems | Roadrunner

The 10 Phoenix Asphalt Problems Alligator Cracking. Longitudinal cracks can form as a result of poor joint construction or simple pavement fatigue. Cracks

World-Class pavement maintenance products. - Maxwell Products

Quality pavement maintenance products since 1975. Description. Sometimes called alligators/crocodiles (because the pattern resembles the reptile’s hide) or spider-web cracking, fatigue cracking is caused by continual traffic overload.

Alligator Cracking - Quality in California

Alligator cracking is one type of fatigue cracking that can happen to a road for a variety of reasons but is most often related to overloading the pavement

Pavement Design Manual - Montana

PAVEMENT DESIGN MANUAL Alligator Cracking: the pavement surface. These cracks will manifest themselves as alligator cracking


Pavement Cracking: A Failure Indicator of Your

Alligator cracking is characterized as a series of interconnected cracks creating small, irregular shaped pieces of pavement. The sizes of these irregular shaped pieces vary, from less than 12-inches to 24-inches.

Crocks or Gators in Your Parking Lot!? Alligator Cracking

Alligators in your parking lot? Alligator cracks in asphalt signal impending pavement failure. Call Espina Paving at (703) 491-9100 to repair alligator cracks in asphalt!

Say No to Cracks! | Pavement Interactive

Some common asphalt pavement surface distresses are transverse cracking, longitudinal cracking, alligator cracking, and reflective cracking. Crack repair is important to help preserve the pavement we have and rehabilitate future pavement

Fatigue Cracking in Asphalt | Dykes Paving and

Fatigue Cracking in Asphalt. or alligator, cracking. This type of cracking is just one of several types of pavement failure that occur for a variety of reasons.

Distress & Fix Selection Signs of Pavement and

Distress and Fix Selection Guidelines . Fatigue Cracking (Alligator Cracking) In flexible pavement, block cracking is a pattern which divides the


Types of Failures of Flexible Pavement Flexible 10 DIFFERENT TYPES OF FAILURES OF in flexible pavements are as follow. Alligator cracking or

Types of Asphalt Deterioration

Alligator or fatigue cracking is a series of interconnecting cracks caused by fatigue failure of the asphalt surface under repeated traffic load. Cracking begins at the bottom of the asphalt surface (or stone base) where tensile stress and strain are highest under a


Crack Sealing and/or Crack Filling Project

Alligator cracking can also be in the transverse direction in thin pavements when there is water damage (loss of support) beneath a transverse crack. This is also alligator cracking. Edge cracking is the same failure mode but happens at the edge of pavement and is not as severe a distress form.

Mn/DOT Pavement Distress Identification

Mn/DOT Pavement Distress Identification Manual ALLIGATOR CRACKING Pavements are normally designed for a terminal RQI value of 2.5.

Pavement Management Index Values –

Pavement Management Index Values – Development of a National (Alligator) Cracking Low, Pavement Management Index Values – Development of a National Standard

Published in: Civil Engineering · 1988Authors: G A GriffithsAbout: Aggregate · Durability · Colors of noise · Strength of materials · Cement

Alligator Cracking In Asphalt Pavement

Alligator cracking is a load-related distress and occurs when the wheel . wearing away of the pavement surface asphalt and fines, resulting in a moderately. Fatigue Cracking Pavement Interactive Apr 7, 2009 .


New and Rehabilitated Pavement Structures consisted of Applied Research Associates, Inc., Sensitivity Analysis for Asphalt Concrete Fatigue Alligator Cracking

What is Your Asphalt Pavement Telling You? |

Ever wonder what asphalt potholes and cracks mean for your pavement? Alligator cracking is usually a sign that the asphalt foundation is failing and will need to

What is alligator cracking? | Alpha Paving Industries

What is alligator cracking? - Alpha Paving Industries has the answer. Call us at (512) 677-9001 to find out how we can help.

Pavement Management Program - Virginia

Pavement Management Program Maintenance Division Local Assistance Division Local Government Workgroup Meeting • Asphalt Surfaced pavement • Alligator Cracking

Standard Pavement Distress Identification

Standard Pavement Distress Identification Manual Page 3 of 43 Asphalt Distress Alligator Cracking (D1) Description Alligator or fatigue cracking is a series of interconnecting cracks caused by fatigue failure of the asphalt concrete


ASPHALT SURFACED AIRFIELDS Block cracks are interconnected cracks that divide the pavement into approximately alligator cracking in that alligator

NHI-05-037 - Geotech - Federal Highway Administration

Federal Highway Administration Little or no alligator cracking and/or only low-severity transverse cracking: The pavement response model for rigid pavement

Crack Retardant Geotextile Paving Fabric | Pavement

Crack Retardant Geotextile Paving Fabric. is installed over a parking lot / roadway that have alligator cracks and random cracking in the underlying pavement.

Repair Asphalt With Our ALLIGATOR ASPHALT REPAIR System

Nov 06, 2010· http://www.asphaltsealcoatingdirect.com/products/asdacf-alligator-asphalt-repair Easily repair asphalt using our alligator asphalt repair system


Pavement preservation treatments for hot surfaced pavements include crack Isolated patching/deterioration and alligator cracking areas due to base

Alligator Asphalt Repair - YouTube

Dec 23, 2012· http://www.asphaltsealcoatingdirect.com/products/asdacf-alligator-asphalt-repair Repairing Alligator Asphalt can

A Handy FAQ on Pavement Resurfacing and Reconstruction

A Handy FAQ on Pavement Resurfacing and Reconstruction. extensive damage or alligator cracks, lot has alligator cracking, complete pavement

Asphalt Paving Contractors New Jersey/Delaware

Asphalt Paving / Asphalt Repair / Catch Basin / Drainage Tile / Asphalt Recycling. Alligator Cracking of the Pavement. Alligator Cracking

Alligator Cracking definitions - Defined Term

1. Alligator cracking is an asphaltic concrete pavement distress type. Alligator cracking consists of interconnecting cracks which form small (less than 1 foot by 1 foot), irregularly-shaped blocks which resemble the patterns found on an alligator’s skin.

Field Manual for Crack Sealing in Asphalt

Field Manual for Crack Sealing in Asphalt Pavements fatigue and alligator cracking, Field Manual for Crack Sealing in Asphalt Pavements

Asphalt Problems & Causes | Jennite Paving &

The cracks in the original pavement continue to move and eventually reflect upward through the new alligator cracks, Asphalt Problems & Causes

Block Cracking (3) - FAA PAVEAIR

Block cracking is caused mainly by shrinkage of the This type of distress differs from alligator cracking in that the alligator For asphalt pavements,

Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating

Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating Presentation First signs of longitudinal cracks near pavement Some alligator cracking

An Overview of Mn/DOT’s Pavement Condition

An Overview of Mn/DOT’s Pavement Condition Rating Procedures and problem or phenomenon of pavement deterioration such as cracks, Alligator Cracking