Crack Sealing Machine GD5X-350

Streamlined structure, Convenient maintenance

Crack Sealing Machine GD5X-350 Specifically for medium and large cracks and cracks appeared after the opening of the initial pavement highway, national and provincial, county and township road

Applications : compacting soil, asphalt roads, sidewalks, bridges and culverts, parking lots, sports venues and narrow compaction etc.

Specially used to sealing the crakes and crevices in the pavement of express ways,highways,municipal streets and ariports after new opening and heavy reparied. After notched by crack router and sealing by special sealing gule,ensure the whole usability and working time.

  • 1. Double digital LCD temperature controller:timingly display and adjust the temperature of heat transger fluid,sealing glue and flexiable tube,which intuitively and exactly.
  • 2. The switch of material pump is equiped at the handle of sealing gun,which easier to operate.
  • 3. Melt materail adopts engine kettle with heat transfer fluid adopt,heating indirectly, temperature can be adjustable and keep warm automatically.
  • 4. Small volume, light weight, two ways in moving by drag and hand push,two people can achieve the job.